In Today’s 
Stress-Filled World
Massage Therapy
Is A Necessity

So Why Should It Have
A Luxury Price

In Today’s 
Stress-Filled World
Massage Therapy Is 
More Than Just A Luxury

In Today’s 
Stress-Filled World
Massage Therapy Is 
More Than Just A Luxury

Georgia Medical Massage
$39.00 EVERYDAY!*

*Member Rate Only. 
999 Baxter St.
Athens, Georgia

Celebrating our 14th Year 
in Athens!
Web Special
$25 Off
 One Hour Massage 
New Customers
Great service, flexible appointments, and nice people!”
-Laurel G.
Through July 14th 
(Reg. Price $75.)
“The membership plan is a great deal. It reminds me (as a massage therapist myself) how important it is to take care of myself.”
- Georgia H.

“Great massages and good customer service.” 
- Brent C. 

“I love it. The membership plan has kept me consistently ‘on the program’ getting frequent massages. I just have my ‘2 or more’ massages a month. Makes me feel better.”
-Becki P.

“Your prices beat any plan I’ve ever seen and your therapists are well trained and professional. As a Fibromyalgia patient, massage is very important to me and I leave your 
 office like a new person every 
-Ellie M.

“Georgia Medical Massage has become an integral part of my wellness plan. Not only has it provided me with stress relief but also brought true pain relief and healing to my back”
-Jen H.

“I love coming to GMM. It helps with my stress and aches and pains. I have told all of my friends about GMM!”
-Gretchen H.

“I am so pleased I found Georgia Medical Massage. It has made all the difference in my energy and serenity. The plan encourages me to go 2 times per month. Janice is awesome!”
-Mary D.

“I love the fact the membership “forces” me to get a massage at least once a month. It’s something I desperately need, and I feel so wonderful afterwards. The membership has been a joy. J.J. is fabulous.”
-Irene B.

“Great service, flexible appointments, and nice people!”
-Laurel G.

“Having this makes me get a massage before the pain is really bad! Everyone is so helpful and nice. Thank you.”
- Justine S.

“Good rate for a solid hour of rest and relaxation! Nathan for President!”
-Jacob K.

“I love coming here. Excellent management. I always feel so much better. Gaoli and Alex, though different styles, are wonderful. I truly love the membership. Dale, my husband, and I look forward every time.”
-Nina H.

“It’s a blessing to have a massage, knowing I’m going to be very much better for the next massage. God Bless you all.”
-Claudia R.

“I appreciate EVERYTHING, especially the reasonable prices. I love all of the therapists!”
- Stacey C.

 “I love the entire 1 hour and I like the education I received.” - Jessica D.

“GMM has so improved the quality of my life with my intense Fibromyalgia pain. I get relief and I so look forward to my visits! Great friendly knowledgeable service and a great de-stressor! ” - Karen F. .

“I’ve gone to four other massage therapists and was not aware that massage therapy could be this powerful in addressing holistic health until coming here.” - Abigail Z. 

“After my spinal injury I have been to physical therapist but have had more relief here than any of the physical therapies.” - George L. 

“What a WONDERFUL company! Everything from the staff to the professional work they do is simply the best!” - Kevin W. 

After visiting GMM I feel lighter, more centered, and more focused. It really helps my whole week.
-Ted M.

“Being a member makes it possible for me to get a massage on a regular basis. All teachers should do this for themselves!” - Kathleen D.  

“Thanks to J.J.’s magical touch, my headaches are down by 97%.” -Angie W. 

 “I love GMM! The services have helped me so much. I only wish I could afford to come more. The people are great and it is a warm and inviting environment.” -Bethany E.  

"I always look forward to coming and feel at home! Thanks” - Penny M. 
“J.J. is wonderful! The staff is well trained and very nice.” -Laurel G.  

“I really appreciate the reminder phone call due to my forgetful nature, and I love the therapists. Excellent therapists!” -Wanda K.  

"My stress level has gone way down. I'm going to live to be 90 coming here."
-George M.  

"With massages I'm saving money each month on prescription copays. And I'd rather spend it on massage!"
-Lynn B.

"I received a massage as part of a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser that they were putting on. I enjoyed my massage so much that I came back and have continued to receive massages there on a regular basis for over two years now. I love the new office, it feels like a high-end spa. I recommend them highly. The staff at Georgia Medical Massage clearly enjoys what they do and they are the best at making you feel comfortable. 
-Jane S.

Thank you Georgia Medical Massage, the University of Georgia Housing Department here in East Campus Village truly appreciates the opportunity to do business with your great staff. You have helped us to put on a wonderful Wellness Program- “Relieve the unwanted stress.” Without your generosity and valuable time, this program would not have been possible. 
Thank You
-Brittany UGA Housing

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Middle Georgia Medical Massage