The Benefits of Massage

Massage gives you a roadmap of stress areas in your body. Many times people don't know how much stress they're carrying until they have a massage; then they're able to feel it and let go of it. As the massage therapist stretches and loosens muscles and connective tissues, stress and muscular tension are released. Once you have an awareness of where stress lodges in your body, you can begin to do something about it. You start to educate yourself and your body, and you reverse a negative cycle. Neuromuscular Massage, often prescribed for injuries and conditions of pain, works at softening the muscles so that the therapist can move in more deeply to break up adhesions. This allows muscles to become really elastic, the way they should be. The body then may be freed of spasm and pain, increase its range of motion, and have the ability to avoid injury.

What can massage really do?

  Physical Level

  Deep relaxation and stress reduction
  Relief of muscle tension and stiffness
  Reduced muscle spasm and tension
  Relief from entrapment of nerves in muscle
  Greater joint flexibility and range of motion
  Increased ease and efficiency of movement
  Promoted deeper and easier breathing
  Better circulation of both blood and lymph fluids
  Reduced blood pressure
  Relief of tension-related or eye-strain headaches
  Healthier, better nourished skin
  Improved posture
  Faster healing from pulled muscles and    sprained  ligaments
  Reduces pain, swelling, and formation of scar    tissue  
  following injury.
  General health maintenance

  Mental Level

  Relaxed state of alertness
  Reduced mental stress: a calmer mind
  Greater ability to monitor stress signals and respond  
  Increased capability for clearer thinking

  Emotional Level

  Feeling of well-being
  Reduced levels of anxiety
  Increased awareness of mind-body connection
  Enhanced self image
  A sense of being unified and in harmony