Manual Therapy A Conservative Option for Pain 
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If You Have Muscle-Related Pain, Massage May Help.

For Millions of Americans chronic pain often leads to an endless search for a solution. Whether it’s headaches, neck,  or back pain the consequences can be countless trips to the doctor or chiropractor, pain medications, sleepless nights and the difficulty of performing daily tasks while in the grip of pain.  Today, more and  more people are beginning to utilize Massage Therapy as part of their pain management program. 


The TM joint is one of the most complex joints in the body.  It’s function is to allow the lower jaw to move smoothly.  
The most common symptom is a dull aching pain in the jaw joint and nearby areas.  Others include clicking or popping sounds, earaches, headaches, and even neck, and back pain. 
The Cause
Structural problems with the joint or with the disc that cushions the joint can be the cause or it can also be stress that triggers pain in the jaw muscles, pain that feels very similar to that caused by TMJ problems.   
Your dentist can help identify the source of the pain with a thorough exam and appropriate x-rays. 
Your upper and lower teeth must come together firmly each time you swallow. This happens over 2000 times each day and night!  When your bite is unstable your muscles must work extra hard, causing them to be shortened and stiff.  Eventually this leads to painful spasm and a vicious cycle has begun of increased tissue damage, muscle tenderness, and more pain. 

If  You Have Muscle-Related TMJ Pain, Manual Therapy May Be A Conservative Option. 

What Is Medical Massage?
Medical Massage is manual therapy delivered in a medical setting - that is, under the direction of a doctor or other health care provider.  At GMM we work with medical doctors, physical therapists, dentists, and other health care practitioners, providing massage care when it is medically indicated for their patients.